Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Girl Doll Dresses

Anyone want $9 American Girl doll dresses? My distributor, Little Adventures, is having a sale on all of the Disney Princess doll dresses. This is if you pay cash or check for them. If you live far away, I can mail them to you for $2 extra. These dresses also fit Build a Bear and other 18 inch dolls.

Little Adventures also has girl dresses on sale, so I can get Traditional for you for $15 and fancy for $20. Please see my website for pictures:

Contact me directly at to get the sale prices, please don't order them from my website unless you want to pay full price!

Sale ends Feb 28th.

American Girl Doll Dresses

Anyone want $9 American Girl doll dresses? My distributor is having a sale on all of the Disney Princess doll dresses. I can ship them to you for $2 extra if you pay by check.

Tournament of Kings

Yesterday morning we lounged around and played games. In the afternoon, we went to Caesar's Palace and window shopped the Forum Shops. The had gelato there, but it was $8 a scoop, so we passed, even though it looked rather scrumptious.

Then last night we went to the Tournament Of Kings at the Excalibur here in Las Vegas. It was a Renaissance dinner and entertainment and that's about all I knew about it when we went. We had heard it was really good from other people we had met that had been to it.

So we got there and there was no silverware for dinner and the lady next to me said we had to eat with our hands. What would Martha do in a situation like this? Would she just pick up and leave? Possibly! But, since we had paid a lot of money for this "experience" I figured I better stay. Then they served Cornish game hens for dinner. I hate any meat with bones in it, let alone something that looks like the actual animal, just without the head. EEW! It makes me shiver to even think about it.

However, after I gave it a chance, and it turned out to be very fun and the food was ok. The show involved knights, dragons, kings, swords, real FIRE, dancing girls (it is Las Vegas, you know), very muscular men with disgustingly long hair and no shirts, fighting with real horses, dirt arena, and real cheering spectators (us and everyone else who paid a pretty penny to watch). We got to cheer on our French night and it was a little interactive that way.

After that we went to the Bellagio which is a beautiful hotel. We checkout out their gardens and outdoor fountains. All in all a nice day.

Today we are going to roam a couple more casinos for free stuff and then go to a variety show tonight.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Job Hunt

Steve was expecting an email job offer while we are in Las Vegas with a company he has spent weeks interviewing with. The company did email last night while we were at the Freemont Experience and he got the email on his cell phone. They said they want to meet with him one more time for a FORTH interview to discuss salary. I felt like throwing his phone across the street! However, we wouldn't be able to afford a new one, so I decided against it.

Anywhoo, stay tuned, he may be employed next week.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Well, yesterday was Steve's birthday. We had a great day and I'm glad he is joining me at 32. It's a great age. Although I keep telling people we're 33, so maybe I'll like that age better, who knows.

Anyway, I love him more today than ever and hope we have 32 more years to spend together!

Steak Anyone?

Yesterday we went out to eat lunch at In-n-Out burger. I was surprised that it was actually pretty good for fast food. Steve and I both ate for $8! It's a 50's diner style "joint" and apparently extremely popular around here. There are sometimes lines about a block long at the drive through and around the restaurant to go inside. Who knew? We didn't have to wait much because we had a late lunch.

Then we went on to M&M World where we walked about a mile to get there only to spend $40 on funky colored M&Ms. Except we promptly put back 90% of them and spent 11.99 for one pound. Steve is out of work now and all.

That night we went to the Freemont Experience which is "old" Las Vegas, probably from the 50s ish when Vegas wasn't so commercialized. It was so much better than "new" Las Vegas and we enjoyed it a lot more. It had a very retro feel, live music, an amazing light show and best of all... SUPER CHEAP FOOD! We had a prime rib dinner that was really fantastic for $7.99. I tried a fried twinkie and fried Oreos just to say I did it. I did it and it was gross! That's a direct quote from me.

We like it here, except for the massive amounts of people that smoke. I think I have lung cancer!

Well, on that note, see you all on Saturday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Las Vegas Ward

We arrived here late Saturday night. We visited Grandpa Bickmore and Louise on Saturday, then went to church here in Las Vegas on Sunday. We went to the Steve's friends LDS ward, Bill and Gina Wadley. We loved it there! They had fantastic lessons and very friendly people. The Relief Society lesson was great and made me ponder something... These days we have so many modern conveniences that our Mother's and Grandmothers never had. We have disposable diapers, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, personal computers, the Internet, email, and more. With all of these time savers, why do we have less time? I don't know the answer to that, but I have been reflecting on how I choose to spend my time. Any suggestions on how you choose to balance things would be greatly appreciated!


We are in Las Vegas celebrating our 10 year anniversary and are having a wonderful time. We attended a time share presentation to get discounts on Las Vegas shows and activity tickets. We saved several hundred dollars by attending it, but the presentation was long! I'm not sure if we will want to do that EVER again. They had an impressive offer, but even so, probably not worth it to us at this point.

Anyway, because of going to that time share thing, we got to see Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. I had really wanted to go, but the tickets were so expensive we decided not to. I am so glad we went, because it was the best circus show I have ever seen. I think my jaw was nearly on the floor the entire time as there were surprizes throgh out the whole show. There was a live New Age band, great props, comedy, acrobats and amazing superhuman strength, etc, a modern clown. It was just fantastic!

We also took a gondola ride and had delicious gelato at the Venetian hotel. I think it is my favorite hotel. It's beautiful and reminds me a little of the time I spent in Italy.

Most of you probably know that I hate the traditional circus where the trainers whip the animals. Not my thing. But this was wonderful and so entertaining!

Today is Steve's birthday and we are going to the M&M factory, to a special dinner, and to a light show called Freemont Experience, and of course to Target because we forgot to bring about 10 things from home. I guess we were in a hurry to leave or something!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Year of CrockPotting

My hero was on Good Morning America and I know now why I feel inclined to watch it to the end. Most of the time they have boring stuff at the end (or sometimes through all of it for that matter) that I fast forward through.

But today, no boring stuff at the end. They had a lady on who made a goal to use the crockpot every day for a WHOLE year! She's amazing. I seriously thought about doing that myself for, I don't know, maybe half a day until we drove by Taco Bell. Those cheesy potatoes and cinnamon twists, yum. I have too much of a weakness for going out to eat. I'm glad we're going to Las Vegas, there are so many good restaurants there with reasonable prices. I had the best cheesecake ever when we ate at the Belagio on our way to Disneyland a couple years ago. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Anyway, back to the story. She is amazing. She cooks bread, pancakes, from scratch yogurt, and yummy dinners in there. Her blog is highly followed and I am a subscriber now too. She has all of her recipes on her blog. You can see it here: I would like to try some of her breakfast recipes.

It has motivated me to try once a month freezer cooking again. More about that in a later post.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary a few months early so S. doesn't have to take vacation days at a new company. We are going ALONE, BY OURSELVES, NO KIDS!!! We got a timeshare stay and babysitting from S. parents for Christmas, and we decided to go to Las Vegas because it is close and cheap. It will be fun just to relax too. If you have any good ideas of fun things to do there (besides gambling) please let me know!

I plan on doing a "family friendly" Las Vegas travel guide post when I get home. I know you are on the edge of your seats, so stay tuned!

The Job Hunt

The hubby gave his 2 months notice/quit his job in December over a moral issue. This is his last week at his current job. He worked at a internet dating company and I'm sure you can let your imagination go and figure out why he quit.

Any how, many of you have been asking what his status is. So here's the rundown: He has had a lot of interviews, including one at our LDS Church offices, but no formal offers yet. There is a Provo based company that he has had 3 interviews with. They want him to start a Mom's community forum. They also do cell phone aps. Anyway, they told him they want him to run the company! I asked him how long it took him to pick up his jaw off of the floor when they said that?! However, no offer yet.

We feel blessed in so many ways as many opportunities have come our way because of standing up for our beliefs and I am proud do have a husband with such strong convictions.

My Cute Dressups

Most of you know, I have started a new business called My Cute Dressups where I sell princess dress up costumes for kids and other costumes for boys, adults, and dolls. Things went awesome over Christmas. We were having to ship out every day. Things have slowed down a little since then. I have been spending the slow time doing Internet marketing, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which has totally changed the way I see things I liked in the past on the Internet. Did you know most reviews and articles you see are trying to sell something? Well, it's been a big eye opener for me.

Anyway, the new business has been something exciting to focus on besides my health and it has had it's trying moments, and annoying customers, but I really do enjoy it a lot. So do the girls who have received a plethera of clearance items, so they couldn't be happier about it. They think it's cool that their Mom sells princess stuff. My site is getting professionally redesigned next month. It's pretty basic right now, but if you want to take a look, go to

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cute Kids

I love that for Valentine's Day, M. made notes from herself and her little brother and sister saying that she loved us. She then poked a slit in a shoe box for each of her parents and put the notes in there (just like they do at school). So sweet!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Job Hunt

In case anyone didn't know, the hubby quit his job and is done this week. FREEDOM! Well, kind of. He doesn't have a "real" job lined up yet. We plan to work on selling the dress up costumes and cougarboard and maybe some contract work on the side. If you need a website built, S. is your man. If you want it to look nice, a designer is recommended.

On a lighter side, we are going to Las Vegas to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (without the kids). Any ideas of fun (G rated) things to do there?


Can I just say (loudly) that I'm sick of everyone in our house being sick! M. got salmonella from those tainted peanut butter crackers, followed up by a cold, the girls were both sick last week, and now I have some weird nausea and cold thing going on. Hail Spring when we can all go outdoors again!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Home & Family

I've decided to start a blog about what's going on in our home and family. Hope you enjoy it!