Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cute Baby

I was so excited to get my hand crocheted photo pod in the mail. When it came, it looked like a giant hat, really... it looked like a hat for the jolly green giant. No offense to giants of course. We tried and tried to stretch that thing around cute little Halle, but it would not stay and her poor little toes were getting stuck in the holes. It really did not live up to any of my expectations. So basically $30 crumpled up and flushed down the toilet. Unless of course, you know any giants who would like to buy it. It's probably more for babies that are just born and have their legs all curled up to their body still. She was only 2 weeks old though. Sheesh!

As a bonus, I did find $100 in my camera bag from Christmastime, so I guess I came out ahead.

Luckily, her Mom was showing me a cute gift someone made her (the tutu) and it worked out better than the pod idea. Poor baby probably hated me by the time it was all over. She was a good sport!

I'm jealous of all of her beautiful black hair, isn't it lovely?!

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  1. Oh, that's my sweet baby girl! Thanks for the pictures! I love them! You are the best!